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As we travel around Japan, we are reminded that Japan is a country rich in design, with a unique climate and ties with nature that have nurtured designs that are close to the local community. While visiting Toyama Prefecture several times for the Toyama Design Competition, we encountered many exciting things scattered among the rich resources and technologies.


In this exhibition, we explore the future of design through the process of developing materials into artworks, using our moments of surprise as a starting point. The exhibition will feature design pieces with a clear appeal, where the products of nature and design are loosely connected.


A gentle dialogue with “plants”. Loofah is biodegradable, breathable, and above all, comfortable and light. The loofah is easy to process in sheet form and transforms itself into a completely different form from the impressions we get from our memories.


Take a journey through the memories of the earth that reside in the "stone material”. Iwasaki stone is a sandstone with rough and brittle particles. It was used only for a limited number of purposes, but it has beautiful patterns that are hard to imagine from its appearance. The beautiful patterns, which have been layered over a long time, can only be seen by breaking it.


"The brilliance of life is contained in “glass”. The skill of a master craftsman. The moment when air is blown into the glass by hand. The fascinating beautiful form and innocent glow created by this primitive movement.

Photo by Ryohei Maehara

Toyama movie by Shiori Fukada, Towa Nakamura


Tokyo Midtown Design Touch 2021

Designart Tokyo 2021

Toyama Design Wave

Hechima Sangyo Ltd.

Toyama Glass Studio, Shujiro Wada

Takaoka Sekizai Ltd.


BLINK / 2021

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