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Conceal a surprise

Candy is a lollipop shaped candy case. It was created with highly advanced technology inspired by the Buddhist altar fitting process in Takaoka city. With its lovely shape and sparkle, Candy brings a little surprise every time it is opened. Put a small piece of jewelry inside and always have in your pocket a cute little surprise. Give it as a gift, or receive it, and it will make your heartbeat dance.



Put a little surprise in your pocket.  A new production brand “U,”


U, believes that every small moment counts. U, designs will enrich your life. The sight of an outstretched hand giving you a little chuckle. Your day shining more brightly upon that sight. These moments will warm your heart and bring you closer to those around you. The brand name’s “U,” reminds of the two corners of the month and a dimple. It denotes those great moments spent with someone, making those moments last longer.


This new candy case is the first product launched under the theme of “Put a Little Surprise in Your Pocket” which will see U, launch a series of palm-sized products with a playful design. U, seeks to move past the need for practicality by offering its customers “Tools that promote a deeper communication among people” and spark little surprises and inspirations through their unexpected appearance and subtle design.  U, sought inspiration from Rikyu, a famous tea-master, and French painter Marcel Duchamp, who both strove to unravel new values in the mundane. Similarly, U, hopes to make every small moment count. We hope our customers will enjoy our designer’s items, the culmination of traditional techniques with a history spanning more than 400 years.


Brand Director, Product design : Atsushi Shindo

Package design, Web design : colle inc. Agata Yamaguchi

Photo by Masashi Nakata


U, / 2022

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