The “empty" boxes connect products and interiors.

This is for my master's project at Tokyo University of the Arts. 

The theme of the project is a coffin. In order to design a coffin, 
I extracted only the most conceptual matter, " empty”.

In this work, the " empty " was exhibited as a video installation work. 
Inside the box, the "sky" is stored.

It was exhibited as a conceptual "box" that stored the sky (SKY - EMPTY). 
The coffin with “the sky” inside it. Looking into the bright box, we will see “the sky”. 

Time goes by as the light moves. The day breaks and the night falls. 
As the time repeats again and again, our bodies are mixed with the light and disappear into the darkness.

This box is a coffin which keeps never-ending emptiness inside it. 
This is where we arrive in the end of our modern life. Space or a box can be the final form of interior design. 
This work makes us rethink what they are and how we should define them.

Tokyo University of The Art - Master of Design Exhibition
DSA Design Award - Selected
Photo By Ryohei Maehara / Hiroshi Takagi

The Box / 2015