Modern brazier with 3D ceramic printing

In Japan, there is an ancient porcelain called "Jomon earthenware". 

The Jomon period is thought to have begun about 13,000 years ago.

Using a ceramic 3D printing technology,
we have created a brazier that reinterprets the spirit of the ancient earthenware.

This is a product for surrounding a flame using 3D ceramic printing technology.
Ceramic started as earthenware in ancient and has become an indispensable 
material for all kinds of industries today. 

I believe it is hold the memory of the earth and human life from ancient times. 

I would like to have a dialogue with the distant memory of the material 
in the peaceful time we spend around the fire. With this in mind, 

I created a brazier and an LED type as a prototype of a "light" that can accompany modern life scenes.

Together with 3D ceramic printing technology, it creates a light full of primitive brilliance.

Ceramic Life Design Award (Silver Prize)

Exhibition : Yamagiwa Showroom

K-Design Award  (Selected)

Photo By Ryohei Maehara

EARTH / 2016