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Salone del Mobile. Milano / Salone Satellite 2023

Haori enwrapped light.

Inspired by the concept of merging the Japanese traditional Kimono, “Haori,” and a self-standing lampshade. Encasing the lighting object in a Haori elegantly contains the projection of light. This artwork was inspired by the experience of the lighthearted and content feeling when Shindo wore a Haori for the first time. Although we do not have many opportunities to wear a Haori in modern life, Shindo had the idea of incorporating the traditional clothing, “Kimono” and the elegant shape of Haori within interior design.


Creating man-made sterical shapes is usually a complicated procedure. However, Shindo’s method is more simple. To create the prototypes, paper is cut into a two-dimensional pattern and then lifted and crafted into its final, sterical form. This can then be replicated with other materials into the final products you can see before you.


Stick-type LED lights are installed within the shade and the light source can be detached with a magnet. A range of Haoris are used to create a diverse collection of ambient tones due to the unique properties of each material.


The materials are able to be replaced with industrial products that require craftsmanship. For example, sheets of metal, leather, fabric, lumber and rattan etc. Crafting the materials into the plane, two-dimensional patterns (before they became sterical) allows them to be produced in accordance with the materials’ unique traits and therefore, they can be created in various sizes. This simple production method also reduces the burden on the environment.


Three varieties of shades are here in the main exhibit. The first is crafted with sustainable aluminium. Processing the aluminium with added holes creates a soft-touched illumination in space. 


The second is crafted with a secondary product of beef cowhide and it projects light with luxurious gloss and dignity.


The final piece is made of upcycled fabric that is using non-standard products. It evokes a Haori that has the distinctive softness and the fibriform layers, which beautifully and softly transmit the light.


The artist invites you to appreciate the contrast in size and shape within the presentation. Light, born in darkness, transmits outwardly through the Haori to invoke a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Photo by Ryohei Maehara

Milano Salone / Salone Satellite 2023

Material : Leather (KOBE LEATHER® TSUYU ”PINK / GRAY” ), Fabric (NUNOUS ”SKIN” ), Aluminum plate (anodized).

HAORI / 2023

Atsushi Shindo

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