Natural Loofah Interior Items

Loofah production has been declining in recent years. 

This project aim for creating a community through design by utilizing these local resources 
and the skills of artisans to sublimate them into new products.

Toyama Prefecture in Japan is a specialty area for loofahs, and even today, 
unbleached, soft, natural loofahs are produced.

In this project, I proposed an interior product that considers the characteristics 
of materials and the ease of processing.

We aimed for creating a product that is completed by a simple process. 
It is just ”Cutting and Clipping" after the material is stretched into a sheet. 

It is  because of maximizing the appeal of loofah as a material, such as its biodegradability, 
light weight, ease of transformation, and high air permeability.
With the simple mechanism of "clipping" the parts together, 
we were able to develop a variety of interior items such as a lighting fixture that can stand on its own, 
a vase with a characteristic difference in texture from metal, 
a sound-absorbing panel that can be connected and transformed into a vessel.

Toyama Design Wave
Photo By Atsushi Shindo

The Loofha Collection / 2019