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An intimate dialogue with loofah.

LUFU is a brand of interior items born from an intimate dialogue with loofah grown in Toyama. The material has an innocent, unpretentious comfort and lightness. The moment you touch the material, you feel a sense of nostalgia. In the hands of designer Atsushi Shindo, the material transforms into a completely different form from the impression derived from nostalgic memories. 



A loofah object swaying in the wind that carries a small, shimmering, cool breeze.Spray it with your favorite scent and it becomes a fragrance stand. The item, with its excellent quick-drying and high air permeability, can also be soaked in water and placed on a windowsill to naturally cool the room through vaporization.



HALA embraces the wind and makesthe space feel more three-dimensional.The pressing process makes it look like tanned leather. The wind passes through the fibrous texture of the loofah, and it lightly floats in the air. Its movement and rhythm create a pleasant space. This hanging type is suitable for hotels, restaurants, spas, etc., as well as an interior item for the home.


Photo by Ryohei Maehara

Toyama movie by Shiori Fukada, Towa Nakamura

Hechima Sangyo Ltd.

LUFU / 2022

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