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Interior objects that hold memories of stone materials.

Toyama is famous for its Iwasaki stone which has been used for castle walls and tombs.

We visited Takaoka Sekizai, which handles this stone.


At first glance, the Iwasaki stone looks like a big, ugly rock.

However, due to the lightness and brittleness of sandstone,

it will weather if left outdoors for many years.

Until recently, it has been considered a difficult to handle stone material.


However, when we cracked open the rock,

We found that it was filled with beautiful patterns in a mixture of pale blue and gray.

We were thrilled by the surprise and possibilities and decided to create a series

of furniture that would show off the fascinating beauty of the pattern and its reflections.

Photo by Ryohei Maehara

Toyama movie by Shiori Fukada, Towa Nakamura

​Takaoka Sekizai Ltd.


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