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A story of an imaginary island using the characteristics of teak wood

It is a small island appears when the water covers the area. 

They are the luxury time of the waterfront, appearing only when the water mixes with life.[THE ISLANDS OF TEAK] is a proposal for a public space composed of islands of different shapes.The islands are closely related to the great natural biorhythms of the tides.

The waterfront and teak. They become more attractive when the seawater comes in. We design teak islands to accompany special times.

The water level is always changing and covering the steps depends on tide. As the Earth's environment is changing year by year, the fluctuations in sea levels are beginning to have a profound effect on the island staircase. 

It has also functions as a scale for visual recognition of rising water levels.Through the proposal of the island, which makes use of the characteristics of teak wood, 

we have been able to explore the way of living with wood. 

And I hope it will be a time to rethink the natural environment.

Materialize Project
Exhibition : Living With Wood
Designart Tokyo 2020 at B&B Italia Tokyo
CG:Reiko Katayama / Creative Studio Hogaku
Support:Minato Advanced Technologies Inc.
Photo By Nacasa & Partners Inc. / Atsushi Shindo

The Islands of Teak / 2020

進藤篤,ATSUSHI SHINDO,atsushi shindo,B&B It