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Salone del Mobile. Milano / Salone Satellite 2024

The threshold to an ambiguous gravitational force.

"LIMINAL" signifies the boundary between the "intermediate realm" and the "threshold of perception."
This artwork distances itself from convenience and functionality, resembling jewelry that adds a subtle radiance to the space. Rows of metal parts, forming ring-like shapes of varying sizes, align in a single row, outlining an ambiguous silhouette within the space. The artworkʼs grand scale gradation and occasional faint glow evoke landscapes and symbols transcending space and time, giving rise to a quiet gravitational pull. This pull is not forceful but rather imperceptible to individuals, who may not even realize they are drawn to the artwork. It dulls one's "conscious contours," akin to the time spent gazing at the horizon or simply observing sunlight flickering on the water's surface. Transcending specific functions, this artwork adds radiance to the space and blurs the boundaries between things.

[Notes from Atsushi Shindo]
What is it that attracts people? What is it that captivates them?
Personally, Iʼve long been intrigued by the sacred Shinto rice straw adornment "Shimenawa" at Izumo Taisha Shrine ( and wanting to see it in person, I visited Izumo, Shimane Prefecture. The "Shimenawa" measures approximately 13 meters in length and weighs 5.2 tons. Apart from the grandeur the "Shimenawa", I realized I was drawn in by “gravitational pull" of the object, which draws one into the depths of its symbolic form. In my daily work of creation, I sometimes encounter a similar gravitational pull. This gravitational pull is hidden even in the mundane occurrences of everyday life and in overlooked ordinary objects. It's not a coercive force, like being sucked into the pitch-black darkness, but rather pleasantly gentle, like the ebb and flow of the tide, occasionally emitting pure brilliance, perhaps existing within the realm between dream and reality. For this exhibition, I wanted to create an entity resembling a "landscape" imbued with fundamental charm and allure. I want to peer deeper into the horizons of imagination, further into the depths beyond that landscape. I hope that, through this artwork expanding into space, I can express the existence of a time where substance simply expands into nothingness.

Photo by Ryohei Maehara

Milano Salone / Salone Satellite 2024

Material : Steel, Aluminum, LED

SIZE : w6000 × d600 × h600mm

LIMINAL / 2024

Atsushi Shindo

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